Monday, August 7, 2017


So, this week was pretty slow. We were able to meet with Samantha this week and we taught the 10 commandments from the Book of Mormon. It was a good lesson. She is super golden! She is super ready, but she just can't get baptized because of the Law of Chastity! I think that she will get baptized, but it will be a while, she is super cool. She was not able to come to church this week because she said that she was in a lot of pain. Her back hurts really bad when she sits for a long time.  I hope that she is not getting discouraged and she will still want to get baptized!

We have also been trying to visit more Tongan families because there are a ton of less active members, and there are also a lot of non members in every house! The hardest part is that we can't leave the state, and most of the members live outside of the stake. It is a struggle. There are only like 2 families that are active that live in Moreno Valley. Hopefully, we can get in with them this week!

We had a lot of appointments, but most almost all of them fell through. We have a lot more this week, so hopefully, we can be able to teach more people this week.

This is about all that happened this week, so hopefully, I will have more to talk about next week!

Transfers are next week, so I hope that I stay because I really like this area. Not much is happening right now, but I think that things are going to pick up very soon!

I will talk to you all next week. I love you guys so much!

Elder Braunstadter

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