Monday, July 31, 2017

Good week!!!

So this week was pretty good. We were not able to teach quite as many people as we thought that we were going to, but we did have some miracles! We were able to teach Samantha again! She is still doing awesome, but when we told her that she can't get baptized until she can live the Law of Chastity, she got really sad. She wants to get married really bad, but her boyfriend does not want to. It is super sad! I hope that one day he will change his mind and want to get married. Samantha is still loving church though! She comes every week, and she is excited to go! I think that she will come to church for a while before she is able to get baptized.

We also talked with Taza in the Tongan branch. He said that he is getting his parole all cleared up, and he just has to get a job, and take some classes, and get some stuff signed, then he will be able to get baptized also! We taught him about baptism at the church, and he said that he can't wait to be baptized! He is super excited! I am too!!!

We met with Leo and Dulce too. They are super cool. They both brew up Catholic, but they had some problems with what they were seeing in the church. We taught the Restoration to them and they liked it. They said that they would be baptized if they knew that this was something that they should do. They have some pretty crazy kids, but they are cool too. I love teaching people like this!!!

We got a referral from some other missionaries in the zone, and it was for a lady who has been going through a tough time lately, so we sent over to her house and we taught her and her mom. They are moving to Perris soon. It was sad because they are really cool too. They have both been through a lot, and they are trying to get away from their old life. Courtney, the daughter, has been to federal prison twice already! One of the times was in Mexico and it was for drug smuggling. She is also in her 20's still. She just recently got her kids taken from her, so she is trying to fight to get them back. It is a very sad situation, but they are trying to change! I hope that they get baptized!!

Anyways, that's mostly what we did this week. So I will talk to you guys later, and I hope that you all have a great week! Love you so much! 😃

Elder Braunstadter

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