Monday, July 10, 2017


This week was pretty good. We met with Samantha again, and we read out of the Book of Mormon with her again because she has not been reading recently. She read chapter 2&3 on her own, so we read chapter 4 with her. That is when Nephi kills Laban. So she thought that it was interesting, but she understood why the Lord commanded Nephi to do that. She liked it a lot and she said that she was really excited to come to church this week! So, she came to church and she said that she really like it again!!! While we were in Gospel Principles class, we were talking about Faith in Jesus Christ, and someone brought up when Nephi killed Laban and Samantha remembered reading about that! She remembers a lot of what she reads! I am so happy that I have the opportunity to teacher her and help her grow closer to the Savior! We are also going to go over sometime next month to help her work on her car. So, that should be fun!!!

We also had Taza come to church! He is super cool, and he is Tongan. He is very ready to be baptized, but he has to get some legal things cleared up and that he is going to talk to the Branch President soon! We are going to go over there later tonight to talk with him, and he also needs some help with his car! He really wants to be baptized!

We do a lot of service her in Moreno Valley. I like it a lot! We were able to help out with setting up for a car show at the air base here. Then, we also did some service for the Salvation Army where we basically just cleaned up around their facility pretty much.

So, the 4th of July was pretty fun! We were able to help out with the parade and we walked with some people, and we were the parade Sheriffs! We basically just tried to make sure that there were no big gaps in between the floats. We were walking next to some people from Bangladesh and they were really cool! They are really good dancers! Then, after the parade, a member took the whole zone out to lunch at Carl's Jr. It was really nice! Then after the parade, we went to a Tongan BBQ!!! There was sooooooooooo much food there, it was insane!!! I'm pretty sure there was more food there than at Walmart!!!! HAHA, not really, but it seemed like it! Then, we tried to go and visit people, but nobody was really home because it's a holiday. Then, at 6:00 we had a zone activity. We played kickball then, there was a watermelon eating contest, then we made watermelons explode with rubber bands! It was really fun! By the time we were heading home, there were fireworks everywhere you looked. It was pretty cool. We have been hearing fireworks for the last few weeks, and even just last night, we keep hearing them. I just hope that none of them are gunshots!! HAHA

Oh, I wanted to encourage everyone to watch one or both of these very awesome videos (17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue): not sure these links work but you can search them in your browser!

 So, we met President Hammon last week and he seems like a really nice guy! He is very loving! We actually have interview with him tomorrow, so that should be good! Anyways, I have not really met with him personally yet, I just briefly met him.

So, it's been pretty hot here. One day it got to be 111 degrees and the next day it looked like it was going to rain, but it got to 109 degrees. It was pretty hot! It's supposed to cool down soon though.

Well, other than than, nothing else is new. I hope you all are enjoying the nice summer weather and having a good time. Stay "COOL"!!!

Elder Braunstadter
My last Zone in Corona.

Farewell to President and Sister Mullen.

Me and President and Sister Hammon  - my new Mission President!!!

My new zone in Moreno Valley!!!

Service project!

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