Monday, July 17, 2017


So this week was a little slow, but it was good at the same time. We were able to see Samantha again and she is doing AMAZING!!! She is progressing sooooooo much. We taught the Word of Wisdom to her, and she accepted it. She smokes, but she has been trying to give it up, so it's just more of a reason to give it up now! She also really likes iced tea. She was more hesitant with that, because she didn't understand why we shouldn't drink it. But, we explained that Heavenly Father has a reason for everything. She said that she will work on it, so hopefully, she will be able to give it up! She came to church again and she loved it! I love seeing her at church and she likes it too. She is participating in Gospel Principles class now too, which is really surprising, because she is very shy. But, she is warming up to everyone at church! All of the members are super supportive, and they welcome her and they are all becoming good friends!

I went on exchanges with Elder Dew and he is a fun guy. He just hit his year mark today! He speaks Spanish. We talked to a lot of people, but most of them spoke Spanish. It was pretty funny because they are the Zone leaders, and we were working in our area on exchanges, but we were working with mostly Spanish people.

We had a lot of appointments fall through last week, but I think that this week will be better! We have a lot of appointments set and hopefully, they will not all fall through.

We had personal interviews with President Hammon, our new Mission President and he is a really nice, very loving guy. I think that he likes me and that it is going to very really good. I'm excited!!!

Well, that's basically everything that happened this week.

I love you guys, and I hope that you all have a great week!😉😄

Elder Braunstadter

So "Albert - in the movie "17 Miracles" name is actually Travis. He is super funny! He is in our ward, so we visited him the other day!!!!!!😁

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