Monday, July 31, 2017

Good week!!!

So this week was pretty good. We were not able to teach quite as many people as we thought that we were going to, but we did have some miracles! We were able to teach Samantha again! She is still doing awesome, but when we told her that she can't get baptized until she can live the Law of Chastity, she got really sad. She wants to get married really bad, but her boyfriend does not want to. It is super sad! I hope that one day he will change his mind and want to get married. Samantha is still loving church though! She comes every week, and she is excited to go! I think that she will come to church for a while before she is able to get baptized.

We also talked with Taza in the Tongan branch. He said that he is getting his parole all cleared up, and he just has to get a job, and take some classes, and get some stuff signed, then he will be able to get baptized also! We taught him about baptism at the church, and he said that he can't wait to be baptized! He is super excited! I am too!!!

We met with Leo and Dulce too. They are super cool. They both brew up Catholic, but they had some problems with what they were seeing in the church. We taught the Restoration to them and they liked it. They said that they would be baptized if they knew that this was something that they should do. They have some pretty crazy kids, but they are cool too. I love teaching people like this!!!

We got a referral from some other missionaries in the zone, and it was for a lady who has been going through a tough time lately, so we sent over to her house and we taught her and her mom. They are moving to Perris soon. It was sad because they are really cool too. They have both been through a lot, and they are trying to get away from their old life. Courtney, the daughter, has been to federal prison twice already! One of the times was in Mexico and it was for drug smuggling. She is also in her 20's still. She just recently got her kids taken from her, so she is trying to fight to get them back. It is a very sad situation, but they are trying to change! I hope that they get baptized!!

Anyways, that's mostly what we did this week. So I will talk to you guys later, and I hope that you all have a great week! Love you so much! 😃

Elder Braunstadter

Monday, July 17, 2017


So this week was a little slow, but it was good at the same time. We were able to see Samantha again and she is doing AMAZING!!! She is progressing sooooooo much. We taught the Word of Wisdom to her, and she accepted it. She smokes, but she has been trying to give it up, so it's just more of a reason to give it up now! She also really likes iced tea. She was more hesitant with that, because she didn't understand why we shouldn't drink it. But, we explained that Heavenly Father has a reason for everything. She said that she will work on it, so hopefully, she will be able to give it up! She came to church again and she loved it! I love seeing her at church and she likes it too. She is participating in Gospel Principles class now too, which is really surprising, because she is very shy. But, she is warming up to everyone at church! All of the members are super supportive, and they welcome her and they are all becoming good friends!

I went on exchanges with Elder Dew and he is a fun guy. He just hit his year mark today! He speaks Spanish. We talked to a lot of people, but most of them spoke Spanish. It was pretty funny because they are the Zone leaders, and we were working in our area on exchanges, but we were working with mostly Spanish people.

We had a lot of appointments fall through last week, but I think that this week will be better! We have a lot of appointments set and hopefully, they will not all fall through.

We had personal interviews with President Hammon, our new Mission President and he is a really nice, very loving guy. I think that he likes me and that it is going to very really good. I'm excited!!!

Well, that's basically everything that happened this week.

I love you guys, and I hope that you all have a great week!😉😄

Elder Braunstadter

So "Albert - in the movie "17 Miracles" name is actually Travis. He is super funny! He is in our ward, so we visited him the other day!!!!!!😁

Monday, July 10, 2017


This week was pretty good. We met with Samantha again, and we read out of the Book of Mormon with her again because she has not been reading recently. She read chapter 2&3 on her own, so we read chapter 4 with her. That is when Nephi kills Laban. So she thought that it was interesting, but she understood why the Lord commanded Nephi to do that. She liked it a lot and she said that she was really excited to come to church this week! So, she came to church and she said that she really like it again!!! While we were in Gospel Principles class, we were talking about Faith in Jesus Christ, and someone brought up when Nephi killed Laban and Samantha remembered reading about that! She remembers a lot of what she reads! I am so happy that I have the opportunity to teacher her and help her grow closer to the Savior! We are also going to go over sometime next month to help her work on her car. So, that should be fun!!!

We also had Taza come to church! He is super cool, and he is Tongan. He is very ready to be baptized, but he has to get some legal things cleared up and that he is going to talk to the Branch President soon! We are going to go over there later tonight to talk with him, and he also needs some help with his car! He really wants to be baptized!

We do a lot of service her in Moreno Valley. I like it a lot! We were able to help out with setting up for a car show at the air base here. Then, we also did some service for the Salvation Army where we basically just cleaned up around their facility pretty much.

So, the 4th of July was pretty fun! We were able to help out with the parade and we walked with some people, and we were the parade Sheriffs! We basically just tried to make sure that there were no big gaps in between the floats. We were walking next to some people from Bangladesh and they were really cool! They are really good dancers! Then, after the parade, a member took the whole zone out to lunch at Carl's Jr. It was really nice! Then after the parade, we went to a Tongan BBQ!!! There was sooooooooooo much food there, it was insane!!! I'm pretty sure there was more food there than at Walmart!!!! HAHA, not really, but it seemed like it! Then, we tried to go and visit people, but nobody was really home because it's a holiday. Then, at 6:00 we had a zone activity. We played kickball then, there was a watermelon eating contest, then we made watermelons explode with rubber bands! It was really fun! By the time we were heading home, there were fireworks everywhere you looked. It was pretty cool. We have been hearing fireworks for the last few weeks, and even just last night, we keep hearing them. I just hope that none of them are gunshots!! HAHA

Oh, I wanted to encourage everyone to watch one or both of these very awesome videos (17 Miracles and Ephraim's Rescue): not sure these links work but you can search them in your browser!

 So, we met President Hammon last week and he seems like a really nice guy! He is very loving! We actually have interview with him tomorrow, so that should be good! Anyways, I have not really met with him personally yet, I just briefly met him.

So, it's been pretty hot here. One day it got to be 111 degrees and the next day it looked like it was going to rain, but it got to 109 degrees. It was pretty hot! It's supposed to cool down soon though.

Well, other than than, nothing else is new. I hope you all are enjoying the nice summer weather and having a good time. Stay "COOL"!!!

Elder Braunstadter
My last Zone in Corona.

Farewell to President and Sister Mullen.

Me and President and Sister Hammon  - my new Mission President!!!

My new zone in Moreno Valley!!!

Service project!

Monday, July 3, 2017


So, we had a pretty good week this week! We were not able to teach as many people as we thought we would, but it was still great!!! So, we met with Veronica, kind of, she was in her car, and we talked with her on the street. But, we got go talking and it seemed like she did not really want to talk to us. But then she asked if we were JW's and we said, "no", then she asked if we were 7th Day Adventists, and we said , "no", then she was really confused, and we told her who we were, and then she was a little more interested. She asked us what makes us different, so we explained the Book of Mormon. She got really interested and she asked us a lot of questions! We gave her a Book of Mormon, and she was so excited to read it, and she wants to learn more. It was pretty cool.

We also met with Samantha. She is really cool too! We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the lesson went really good. She accepted everything, and she is willing to do the things that we are asking her to do! We set up a ride for her to come to church, and she came!!! It was super awesome! She said that she felt very welcomed, and she had never felt like that before! I am super happy that she came to church.

Also, when we were in ward council, we stepped out into the hall because my companion had to use the restroom, and this guy came up to me and started talking to me. I just assumed he was a member and then he told me that he wanted me to baptize his daughters! I was super shocked! So, I asked some questions and he is Catholic, but he doesn't want to pay to have his daughter baptized. So anyway, we went to sacrament, and it was really good! There were a lot of good testimonies, but about 5 minutes before sacrament ended, they got up and left! So, we stopped the in the hall and he seemed kinda mad because they didn't read from the Bible, and he said that he had things to do. So, we got his address and he said that he would be more than willing to let us come over and talk to him a little bit more. When we explained that usually there are talks and not just testimonies, then he seemed a little bit more happy.

I was also in the Tongan branch for the first time! It was super fun. I didn't understand most of what was said, but it was really cool! We had an investigator come in that branch too! Hopefully, with the new mission President, we can be able to go to the member's homes, because most of them live in Lake Elsinore, and places that we currently can't go, because the Tongan branch covers almost all of the mission! I am super excited to be in Moreno Valley! I think that it will be a really good area!

I am excited to be able to meet our new Mission President Hammon, next Friday! I had to get new shoes because my black ones have a hole in the sole the size of a quarter! I can't believe I wore out a pair of good shoes!!!

I don't know my address yet, but I'll let you know next week.

I love you all very much and I hope you have an awesome week!

Elder Braunstadter