Monday, June 26, 2017


So, this week was pretty slow. We were not able to see very many people. We did visit Russell though. He is super cool. We taught him the Restoration and he liked it a lot. We invited him to read the Book of Mormon, and he gladly agreed. I think that he will keep his commitments, and I hope that he starts coming to church too. Hopefully, everything works out with him, because he is golden!

We also met with Dianna, and we had an interesting lesson with her, she likes us coming over, but she is not too interested to change. She said that she want to stay Baptist... She doesn't want to come to church, but she said that she will read the Book of Mormon. Hopefully, she will continue to do that.

We talked to Alan and he said that he is going to be gone for the summer, and so we won't stop by to see him anymore. He will not keep any commitments that we give him either.

We paused a lot of people this week because they are never home, or they are just avoiding us.

So, that has been the rundown of our week. Hopefully, this week will be better!

Also, I got transferred to a new area. I am not in Moreno Valley, and I am with Elder Aland. He seems like a nice guy. I hope that this transfer will be a good one. I have a car now!!!!!!! So, that is really nice! I was so excited to her that I get a car! I also have a washer and dryer in my apartment, so I don't have to pay for laundry! I hope this will be good here. I am in the Moreno Valley ward and I also cover the Tongan branch! I am super excited! I just hope that they don't feed us too much or else I might get fat!

Anyways, I don't like transfer P-days because I don't have very much time to do anything! But, I love you all, and I hope that you have a great week!😁

Elder Braunstadter

Monday, June 19, 2017


This week was pretty slow but good. We were able to teach Susan though. We have been trying to get in with her for a while now. She was a potential investigator since before I got here. When we went over to her house, she finally let us in and the lesson went really well. We taught her the Restoration and she liked it a lot. It was cool to see the Spirit work within her because she said that she didn't believe that there could be another prophet on the Earth, and that God would not come and show himself to someone, but then after we taught the principles, and the Spirit was there, she told herself that it makes sense that God would do something like that!!! It was super cool, and I love to see when people can feel the Spirit. We have another appointment with her tomorrow at 2:00, so we will see if she has read any of the Book of Mormon at all since the last time we met with her.

We also met with David again. He still loves us coming over, but he still will not come to church, and he isn't reading the Book of Mormon. We are going to pause him because he is not ready to join the church. He is a really cool guy, but I think that he is scared because he knows it's true, and he just doesn't want to change. Every time we go over there, he agrees with a lot that we say, and he basically tell us that we are right. He just doesn't have enough motivation.

I really hope that we will be able to teach more people this week because it is going to be hotter than last week. So hopefully, we can get out of the sun and into people's houses!

It's has been in the 100's the past few days and it is super hot on bikes. Speaking of bikes, I had to get a new axle for my bike. I don't even know how it broke, but it did! Anyway, we try to keep hydrated, but you can only carry so much water. I hope that I will have a car for the summer. Transfers are next week, so I might be moving, or I might stay. I will let you know next week! Well, that about sums up my week. I am just grateful that I have the opportunity to share the Gospel, and share the love and hope of the Savior. I have seen many miracles come from relying on Him, and I know how great of an influence He is on our lives!

Anyway, I love you all very much, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Braunstadter

Monday, June 12, 2017


So this week was pretty interesting. We were not able to teach a whole lot of people, but we were able to teach David. We talked to him a few weeks ago, and we kept trying but, he was never home. We finally got in with him, and we taught him the Restoration. He seemed to like it a lot, and he had some questions, but we were able to overcome his concerns, and it was a good lesson. Hopefully, we will be able to get him to come to church soon!

We also met with Michael Born again. Ha Ha. He is a very interesting person. We don't think that he is too accountable. I don't know what to do with him. He can't answer simple questions. He also doesn't understand anything that he reads. He says that he has been reading the Book of Mormon everyday, but when we asked him about what he read, he said, "there are some paintings". It is super hard to teach him. He said that he will come to church though, so hopefully, he will be able to do that next week.

Those are the only people that we were able to teach this week, but we have more appointments this week, so hopefully, we can get in with more people. It is also supposed to be getting a lot hotter this week. It is supposed to be in the 100's pretty much all week. Not looking forward to the heat. But, we will just have to keep pushing through. Anyways, I love you guys and I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Braunstadter

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

So, we had President interviews this week, and that is why I was not able to email yesterday, so today is our P-day. But anyway, this week was pretty good. We were able to have a couple of lessons. We taught David again. He said that we are his bet friends, and he loves talking to us. We talked about going to church and he said that he will not come. We asked, "why?", and he said that he just doesn't want to commit. We talked about what makes us different from other churches, and we explained pretty clearly that we are the only true church on the Earth today. He agreed that he likes everything that we talk about, but he just won't commit. We told him to pray about coming to church, and also to read the Book of Mormon. He said that he almost read some of it the other day, he just needs a push to get started. We are going to go over there again this week and see if he has read any of the Book of Mormon.

We also met with Alan. He is still pretty stressed out about school, so that has been keeping him from coming to church, and reading the Book of Mormon. We are going to go over again this week, and we are probably going to pause him because he is not keeping any of his commitments. He is super cool, he just doesn't really want to do what we ask. Hopefully, in the future he will be able to want to join the church. Maybe when school is out, he will have more interest in the church.

We also set up a couple of appointments for this week, so hopefully, they will not fall through. Other than that, not much else has changed. It is still getting hot here and it seems like nobody likes AC!!! We talk to people and they say that they don't even consider turning on the AC until it hits 80-82 inside the house...It is a different place here! I think that it won't be as hot of a summer as it was last year! At least I hope so. Well, I don't have much more, I'll update you next week.

I love you all soooooo very much, and I hope you have a great week!

Elder Braunstadter