Monday, May 15, 2017


So this was was pretty good. We were able to find a few more people to teach. We actually found more people this week than any other week in this area. We also found some really cool people on the streets this week too.

We met with Alan again, so that was fun. We had Brother Barber come with us, because he is the Young Men's leader. We taught the 10 commandments and he seemed to understand everything really well. He was still not able to make it out to church this week, but hopefully, we can get him to come next week!

We also met with Adam, who is friends with Alan's mom. He is trying to turn his life around, and he has been saying that he really wants to change and start coming to church. We read from the Book of Mormon with him and he seemed to like it, but, he doesn't understand too much of it. We are trying to get him to come to church also.

We also met with Alex, and he seems pretty interested. He is 18 and he recently moved to Riverside from Orange County. He was in a gang, where he has been shot before, and he also spent time in jail. It's crazy to think about that, because he is younger than me! But he is trying to come closer to God also. He goes to church with his family, so we are going to try to get them all to come to church sometime soon!

Damian is really cool. He is 17 and he is very accepting of the Gospel. He said that he would be baptized, and he is excited to learn more, but the problem is, that he goes to Mexico for the summers. So, he is leaving in like 2 weeks, and he won't be back until the last week of August.😔 It makes it hard to teach someone when they are in a different country.

We also met with Glen, he is an older guy, and he was out cleaning up his motorcycle when we found him. We taught the Restoration to him, and he said that he would pray about being baptized. He likes us, and he says that we can come by any time. He's a cool guy.

We also talked with Eddy. He is not an investigator, but he is another nice guy. At least to us. Someone egged the inside of his car, because he leaves his windows down every night. Which is weird, but he said that he got super mad, and he wanted to kill someone. He was telling us about all of the crazy things that he has done in his life. He gave us a steak because he had the BBQ going before we showed up. He is a very interesting guy, and he gave us his number in case we ever need some help. He would probably kill someone if they messed with us. So, I am glad that we are on his good side!

It seems like a ton of people here in Riverside are associated with drugs and a gang and stuff like that!!!

So, I got to talk to my family yesterday - Mother's day! It was awesome to see everyone. They surprised me with having my cousins and grandparents there as well. I got to see and talk to everyone!!! I can't believe I only get to Skype one more time and then I'll be home the next month! Time does fly by!

Hope you all have a great week!

Elder Braunstadter

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