Tuesday, May 23, 2017


We had transfers this week and Elder Overman and I are staying the same, which is good. I think that this is going to be fun! Hopefully it doesn't get too hot though. It has been in the mid-high 90's. It was miserable a few days ago. Our AC can't keep up with how hot it gets in our apartment! I think that it is supposed to cool down this week though. Hopefully!!!

We are working with a few people that are super cool! We had Adam come to church last Sunday! It was really cool to see him there! Hopefully, he can start coming more often, but he might have to go to jail! He has 2 warrants and has done a lot of bad stuff in the past. He actually has court today to see what happens to him. He said that his daughter also wants to come to church! That would be super cool to see them come to church.

We also met with Russell. He is a really cool guy, and he lost his wife about 9 months ago. The very first question that he asked us was "Where do we go when we die?" We taught him the Plan of Salvation and he really seemed to like it. He said that he wants to come to church, but he can't sit for very long, because he has had like 6 back surgeries and he is in a lot of pain. I really  hope that he will want to learn more about the church, and how he can live with his wife forever!

We also met Victor. He is Damien's brother. He is super cool too. He said that he wants to come to church because if this is the only true church, then he really wants to be a part of it!!! He is leaving for Mexico with his brothers in like 2 weeks, but he said that he will be back in about 2-3 weeks. Hopefully, we can get in touch with him when he gets back!

We also met Dianna this week. She is 77 and she is super nice! We taught the Restoration to her, and she liked it, and she wants to learn more. She said that she would not come to church this week, but she would next week. She said that this was probably one of the only churches that she has not been to! Hopefully, she will come soon!

We are still working with Alan, but he still won't come to church! It is super frustrating when he promises that he will come, but never does! I think that we need to get him to church, or we need to pause him.

Not much else is new here! Just bearing the heat!!!

Have a great week!

Elder Braunstadter

Our District

Me and my district on one of our P-days.

Elder Overman, my awesome companion and me!

Us again!

Us at the top of  Mt. Rubidoux.

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