Monday, April 17, 2017


This week was pretty interesting! We were able to teach a couple of people, and we talked to a lot of people on the streets! We were able to meet with a guy named Deandre, and he was an interesting guy. He was not very open to hearing about what we have to say, and it was almost a bash, but we basically just testified of Christ and we left on a good note. Hopefully, his heart will be softened and he will want to listen to missionaries in the future. He also told us that if he saw us talking to people on the streets that he would come over and tell his neighbors that we are wrong. So, hopefully, he doesn't see us too often!

We were also able to talk with Alan. He is a 7th grader and his mother is inactive. We taught what the Book of Mormon is, and we also read some scriptures with him. He said that he would come to church next week, so hopefully, that will happen. We are really hoping to bring his mom in on the lessons, because so far she hasn't been participating in the lessons when we have been there.

We were street contacting one day, and came across Rachel. She is really nice, and she shared with us that she has lost a lot of loved ones and that it has been really hard for her to cope with that. So we taught her the Plan of Salvation and she really liked it! I love seeing how the Plan of Salvation can brighten people's lives and bring them hope!

We also met a former investigator named Harry. He is a super cool guy, and he has been around missionaries for a long time. He is super generous, and he loves having us over. He is very hyper and he talks a lot, but we are going to teach him how to pray this week because he doesn't really know how to pray. Hopefully, we can get him to come to church also! That would be awesome!

Riverside is definitely a different place! I have gotten more negativity here in one week than I have my whole mission! I know that this place needs a lot of help! We have some really cool people that we are working with, and hopefully, they will start progressing in the Gospel. I like this ward and they all seem really nice! I am excited to be here!

I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Braunstadter

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