Monday, March 20, 2017


This week was pretty good! We were actually able to teach more people! Unfortunately, we were not able to teach Eddy. We are probably going to put him on pause. He has been avoiding us this last week.

We were able to teach a guy names Stepan. He is from Islam, and he just wanted a Bible at first, but we taught him a little bit of the Restoration. He has a ton of questions, and he doesn't understand too well. We are going to try to go over again this week, and we will see if we can teach him more. He said that he wants to come to church and see what our "sermons" are like. HaHa. He is really cool though.

We were also able to teach the Cervantes family. They are very strong Catholics, but they are open to listening to us. We taught the Restoration to them, and they liked it. They had a lot of questions, but they enjoyed it. They said that it is very important that they are Catholic because of their family tradition. So, we are going to have to work around that.

We also taught John. He is a really cool guy that works 2 jobs, so he is really hard to meet with. He is a really nice guy. He says that he want to take us to the beach! HaHa. He is super funny. He said the he would come to General Conference next week too! I am excited about that!

Other than those people, we didn't teach many others. Hopefully, we can get more new people in the future.

The weather is getting pretty darn hot down here. It was in the 90's again this week. It is supposed to cool down this week, and we are even supposed to get some rain! I am excited for that!!!

Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Braunstadter

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