Monday, February 6, 2017


This week was pretty slow. We tried to visit with Eddy and we got to have one lesson with him. He was a little sick, but we were still able to teach him a little bit. We taught some of the commandments to him and we committed him to read from the Book of Mormon again. We are trying to get his mom in a lesson with us because we want to get the whole family involved instead of just Eddy. We set up a lesson to meet with all of the family and when we went over again Eddy had some friends over and he said that he didn't know that we were coming over. So that was a little awkward, and we also had a member with us. So we asked him if we could still pick him up for church, and he said yes, that he would like that. So we went with another member, Brother Pugmire, and when we got there his brother said that he was out with some friends. So he was not able to make it out to church. Hopefully, he still want to meet with us. I am not so sure anymore. But that is just how missionary work goes.

We also tried to go by Martin's with a member and he was also not home. He said that he would be, but he wasn't, so that was sad. He doesn't have a phone or a car, so there is not really anyway that we can get a hold of him or meet him anywhere. Hopefully we can get in touch with him this week.

We had a lot of other set appointments this week also, but they all fell through. The people here in Corona are a little harder to get to than they are in Menifee. But, I still like it here, because it is areas like this that need a lot of help! The ward is really trying to help out with the work also.

But, other than that, life is good! I think that the changes to our new schedule will be cool. We are able to use our time more wisely, and we are also able to go to sleep earlier!!! But even though we get more sleep, we are also getting more proselyting time in.

Hope you have a great week and stay warm! We've been in the 60's - so it's pretty nice.

Elder Braunstadter

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