Monday, February 13, 2017


This week was pretty slow again. We were not able to find any new people to teach, but we did meet with Eddy again. So, Eddy is super cool, and we taught him the plan of salvation, and he was a little confused because he said then we are resurrected, and we have perfect bodies, it sounds like something that he would read out of a comic book. He said that he was super excited about it though. We found out that his dad had passed on and I felt sorry for him, but I told him that he would be able to see him again. We also talked a little bit about eternal families and he really liked that. He said that he can really feel the Spirit when we are talking. He was not able to make it out to church because something came up, but he still wants to meet with us, so that is good! He actually said that he would like to meet with us more often, so we are going to try to get members to come out with us more often. He also asked us to get him a pair of shoes and also a pair of pants. We had a spare pair of shoes that another missionary left in our apartment and a member said that he had some pants that he could have. It was kinda weird. I have never had anyone ask for clothes on my mission. I think that Eddy is going to get baptized soon though. He is awesome!

Eddy is the only person that we were able to get in with this week, but we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Murphy, and we saw Kellina. Elder Hofer and I started teaching her, and she is still on track. We went over the word of wisdom. She had some issues, but she committed to giving them up! She is super awesome too! I was so happy that I got to teach her again.

Other than that, not much is different around here! The weather is going to be almost in the 80's according to our car, so that will be interesting. Hopefully it doesn't get too hot!


Elder Braunstadter

Us going to the Temple!

Me and Elder Jones

At the Temple

Me and Elder Day

Me and Elder White

Just me!!!

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