Monday, February 27, 2017


This week was pretty good! We had a great lesson with Eddy. We finished the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Spirit was super strong, and he accepted all of our invitations. We invited him to come to church and we also invited him to read fro the Book of Mormon, and he accepted both. He finally did come to church this week!!! He loved it! He got a text from his mom when we were picking him up for church and it said that his Aunt had just died! It was really sad, but the whole theme of church this week was eternal families! I think that it was super beneficial for him! He liked it a lot! He said that he is super excited to get baptized, be confirmed, and also to get the priesthood! He also wants to go on a mission! He is super cool! I can't wait to teach him all of the rest of the lessons. He is on the right track now!

We also taught Edwardo. He is pretty cool. We had a good lesson with him, but we were not able to get through the whole Restoration, but he said that he would like to hear the rest. He doesn't understand the doctrine of baptism, so we are going to have to explain that a lot better. He is pretty interested, we just need to get the rest of his family involved. We also need to get the ward involved more!

Ralph is another guy we met with this week. He is super cool, and he gladly accepted all of our invitations. I think that he is super cool also, and I hope that he comes to church as well.

That is about all that is going on this week. We have been getting rain here pretty good, so that is nice! I love the rain, and I miss the snow! But its all good.

So, this week was transfers and I didn't get one! I'm staying in the Prado View ward with Elder Walker for the next 6 weeks! Hopefully everything will get better this transfer - as far as the work goes. It has gotten better since I have been here, so that's pretty good!

Until next week!

Elder Braunstadter

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Happy President's Day!!

So I didn't get to email until today because of President's Day. So this week was pretty good. We were able to find a couple more people to teach. We found Cassandra and Genesis. They are super cool. Cassandra just turned 23 and we stopped by (unknowingly) at her birthday party. We taught them the first part of the Restoration, and they liked what we were talking about. We are going to go back and finish the last part of the Restoration with them this wee.

We went on exchanges this week and I was with Elder Jones and Elder Baum. Elder Jone is in Temescal Valley, and Elder Baum is in the Spanish ward. They are both super fun guys. Elder Baum is from Tooele, Ut and Elder Jones is from Alabama. When I was with Elder Baum I almost fell asleep in all of the lessons because I didn't know anything that they were saying. Going Spanish for the day is fun though.

Not a whole lot of other things happen this week, but when we were street contacting yesterday we were talking to a woman, and all of the sudden her niece just fell down and started having a seizure. I guess that it happens pretty regularly because she has a mental problem, and it happens when she is too excited or too sad. But, she came right out of it! I was very shocked. I had no idea what to do, but they all knew what to do.

We also met with Eddy, and we taught him the first part of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He liked it al lot and we set up a ride for him to come to church. When Sunday came around, we were on our way to get him, and he texted us and told us that he was going to another church with his friend. So, he didn't come to our church again. But, hopefully we can stress that he needs to come to our church to know if it is true. He says that the Book of Mormon is the word of God, but he hasn't ready hardly any of it. It is frustrating to teach him because he says that he want to be baptized and he says that he knows that it is true, but he won't come to church or read the Book of Mormon! We might have to pause him because he won't keep his commitments. Hopefully, he will start coming to church more regularly.

I hope that this week we can continue to find more people and that we can find someone that is willing to keep their commitments.

So, the "Huge Storm" that kept us in our apartment an entire day, turned out to be just a little rain. We have gotten more rain before, and had to stay out and work in it all day. It was super boring. No flooding really happened that was predicted either. A couple of weeks ago there were some mud slides, but they weren't that bad either. I love the rain, but it kinda sucks for missionary work because we have to tract and nobody is really in a good mood to talk when it rains.

Not much else has been happening here. I hope all of you have a great week.

Love you,
Elder Braunstadter

Monday, February 13, 2017


This week was pretty slow again. We were not able to find any new people to teach, but we did meet with Eddy again. So, Eddy is super cool, and we taught him the plan of salvation, and he was a little confused because he said then we are resurrected, and we have perfect bodies, it sounds like something that he would read out of a comic book. He said that he was super excited about it though. We found out that his dad had passed on and I felt sorry for him, but I told him that he would be able to see him again. We also talked a little bit about eternal families and he really liked that. He said that he can really feel the Spirit when we are talking. He was not able to make it out to church because something came up, but he still wants to meet with us, so that is good! He actually said that he would like to meet with us more often, so we are going to try to get members to come out with us more often. He also asked us to get him a pair of shoes and also a pair of pants. We had a spare pair of shoes that another missionary left in our apartment and a member said that he had some pants that he could have. It was kinda weird. I have never had anyone ask for clothes on my mission. I think that Eddy is going to get baptized soon though. He is awesome!

Eddy is the only person that we were able to get in with this week, but we went on exchanges and I was with Elder Murphy, and we saw Kellina. Elder Hofer and I started teaching her, and she is still on track. We went over the word of wisdom. She had some issues, but she committed to giving them up! She is super awesome too! I was so happy that I got to teach her again.

Other than that, not much is different around here! The weather is going to be almost in the 80's according to our car, so that will be interesting. Hopefully it doesn't get too hot!


Elder Braunstadter

Us going to the Temple!

Me and Elder Jones

At the Temple

Me and Elder Day

Me and Elder White

Just me!!!

Monday, February 6, 2017


This week was pretty slow. We tried to visit with Eddy and we got to have one lesson with him. He was a little sick, but we were still able to teach him a little bit. We taught some of the commandments to him and we committed him to read from the Book of Mormon again. We are trying to get his mom in a lesson with us because we want to get the whole family involved instead of just Eddy. We set up a lesson to meet with all of the family and when we went over again Eddy had some friends over and he said that he didn't know that we were coming over. So that was a little awkward, and we also had a member with us. So we asked him if we could still pick him up for church, and he said yes, that he would like that. So we went with another member, Brother Pugmire, and when we got there his brother said that he was out with some friends. So he was not able to make it out to church. Hopefully, he still want to meet with us. I am not so sure anymore. But that is just how missionary work goes.

We also tried to go by Martin's with a member and he was also not home. He said that he would be, but he wasn't, so that was sad. He doesn't have a phone or a car, so there is not really anyway that we can get a hold of him or meet him anywhere. Hopefully we can get in touch with him this week.

We had a lot of other set appointments this week also, but they all fell through. The people here in Corona are a little harder to get to than they are in Menifee. But, I still like it here, because it is areas like this that need a lot of help! The ward is really trying to help out with the work also.

But, other than that, life is good! I think that the changes to our new schedule will be cool. We are able to use our time more wisely, and we are also able to go to sleep earlier!!! But even though we get more sleep, we are also getting more proselyting time in.

Hope you have a great week and stay warm! We've been in the 60's - so it's pretty nice.

Elder Braunstadter