Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This week was pretty cool. We had to stay in a little bit more, because I didn't get better, and another missionary got sick too, so I stayed with him.

So this week was a little slow. We were able to confirm Mary and it was super cool!!! I love being a part of the process to see people grow and accept the gospel into their lives.

We were able to teach Sister Goff and it was a really cool time also. We are supposed to teach recent converts after they are baptized, and I think that it is super fun because we just baptized them and now we get to visit them as members. I really like visiting people. Now we get to see Mary as a new member and it is going to be super fun! We had dinner with her on Saturday and hopefully I can send some pictures. I hope that they will send at this other library!

No too much time today - sorry so short.

Love you all sooooooooooooooooo very much! Hope you have a great week.
Elder Braunstadter

Scary Night!

Me and Elder Spencer riding bikes on the railroad tracks!

Us on our bikes AGAIN!!!

Awesome sunset!

Eating dinner at Mary's house! Yum!
Playing with my new GoPro camera - me and Elder Spencer!

My baby mask!! Elder Spencer's cow mask!!! Fun stuff!!!

Elder Spencer's first baptism - Mary!!

Me and Mary

Elder Moyers, Me, Elder Spencer, Mary, Sister and Brother Heaton at Mary's baptism.

Me and Elder Brinkerhoff "hanging" out!!

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