Monday, November 28, 2016


This week was pretty good. We got a little bit of rain a couple of days ago, so that was super nice! It rained for almost the whole day, and I loved it!!! It is supposed to be cooling down more pretty soon, so hopefully it will not be hot for a while. We were not able to teach a whole lot because there were a ton of people gone for Thanksgiving. It seemed like every one of our investigators were gone. I hope that this week will be a little bit better. We did get to see Mary and Sister Goff this week though, and it was super fun! I love going over and seeing recent converts. It is a lot of fun!

We had Thanksgiving at the Sperry's house, and it was a lot of fun! We ate a ton of food, and we had a bunch of left overs. I love having leftover Thanksgiving! We were also able to go roping at the Gifford's house. It was a lot of fun! Brother Gifford put some tanks in the back of his side by side, and he drove around his property while we roped tanks!😂👍

So I forgot to mention this last week, but in the past few weeks, people have been throwing rocks through the windows at the church. They knocked out all of the windows 4 times and each time the church replaced them, but this last time they did it, they knocked out the window to the bishop's office and set it on fire. It took out the bishop's office, and 2 clerks offices. It was super sad to see. They still have not gotten everything replaced, but they are working on it. You can still smell the smoke in the building and some of the rooms don't have power because the wire burned up. Since that happened, the 3 wards that go to that building made a sign up sheet for night watch. They did 3 hour shifts, and people from the ward parked at the church and waited to see if someone else would try to do it again. Now the watch is over, so we will see if anything else happens. Other than that, not much has happened.

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Elder Braunstadter

Crazy missionaries!!!!!!!

The next 3 pictures are of our zone activity!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


This week was pretty cool. We had to stay in a little bit more, because I didn't get better, and another missionary got sick too, so I stayed with him.

So this week was a little slow. We were able to confirm Mary and it was super cool!!! I love being a part of the process to see people grow and accept the gospel into their lives.

We were able to teach Sister Goff and it was a really cool time also. We are supposed to teach recent converts after they are baptized, and I think that it is super fun because we just baptized them and now we get to visit them as members. I really like visiting people. Now we get to see Mary as a new member and it is going to be super fun! We had dinner with her on Saturday and hopefully I can send some pictures. I hope that they will send at this other library!

No too much time today - sorry so short.

Love you all sooooooooooooooooo very much! Hope you have a great week.
Elder Braunstadter

Scary Night!

Me and Elder Spencer riding bikes on the railroad tracks!

Us on our bikes AGAIN!!!

Awesome sunset!

Eating dinner at Mary's house! Yum!
Playing with my new GoPro camera - me and Elder Spencer!

My baby mask!! Elder Spencer's cow mask!!! Fun stuff!!!

Elder Spencer's first baptism - Mary!!

Me and Mary

Elder Moyers, Me, Elder Spencer, Mary, Sister and Brother Heaton at Mary's baptism.

Me and Elder Brinkerhoff "hanging" out!!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Hello there,

Sorry I was not able to email you last week. We were super busy with stuff, and then we were left at another missionaries apartment and we didn't have a car. It was too far to walk to a library, so we weren't able to email. It was a pretty sucky day!

So this last week was bad! I got sick. It started off with a headache and sore throat on Wednesday, then it got really bad. We stayed in from Thursday till Sunday. I called Sister Mullen and she said that I needed to go to the doctor. I did and they said that I had 2 ear infections, a sinus infection, a very irritated throat, and liquid in my lungs. I got a breathing treatment so that it would not turn into bronchitis. I also got a prescription for some stuff to clear up the infections.

So that was the summary of last week for the most part, but there was one good thing that came out of it. We baptized Mary!!! It was awesome!!! Elder Spencer was so nervous, but he did great! I really liked it.

Hopefully I will feel better this week, and we can get more work done.

So it is mid November and it is still in the 90's! This is super weird. I miss the cold!

I hope you all stay well and have a great week.

Elder Braunstadter
All of us at Zone Conference.

EATS! Getting in line at the Conference.

Talking with my old companion, Elder Moyers at Zone Conference.

Almost got cut out of this one!!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

This week was pretty good. Elder Spencer and I were able to visit with Mary, along with Elder Heaton. It was a great lesson. Elder Spencer asked her to be baptized and she said that she would like to. It was a really spiritual lesson, and she has definitely changed. It is super cool to see the change in people that can result by reading the Book of Mormon and the power of prayer. We were at a ward Halloween party later, and Mary came, and everyone had a good time. Mary asked Elder Spencer if he could baptize her and it was really cool to see his reaction, because this will be the first time that he will baptize on his mission. I am super excited for her, and the date for the baptism is November 13th. I really hope that there will not be any more distractions and that she will stick with it!

We also found some new people to teach, like Mario. He seems like a really cool guy. He has a ton of RC cars and all kinds of stuff, but at the same time, he might just be being nice, but we will see if he really wants to learn more about the church.

Since we are on bike again, it has been really easy to talk with a lot of people, and we talked with quite a few cool people. I really like talking with the cool people, because there are a lot of not so nice people out there.

I hope that it starts cooling down more here. It's been in the 90's but next week it's supposed to be in the 70's and 80's.

Well, that's about all that's exciting that happened this week. Hope you all have a great week.

Elder Braunstadter

Halloween fun!!! Mmmm. Good cigar!

Me and my grandpa!!!

The devil made me do it!!!