Monday, August 22, 2016


Last week I didn't get a chance to e-mail because we went to the Temple on our P-day! It was super cool! I love going to the Temple! It was super packed and there were not enough seats for everyone so they brought in extra chairs and some of us had to sit on the Sister's side. It was kinda weird, but it was cool to see that many people in the Temple! I was going to do some work for my Grandfather on my dad's side, but my mom said that there is a mistake in his family history line, so I was able to do work for another member's family in our ward. We had a great time and I can't wait to go again. Next time I'll get to do some work for my own family with some names my mom has reserved for us.

This week was pretty great! We had 2 baptisms yesterday, which was awesome! The Spirit was super strong and everyone had a great experience I think.

So Terry, one of the people that was baptized, had a super awesome experience last week! We were sitting in a lesson with him and all of the sudden he said that he felt like he was having a heart attack or something. I kind of started to freak out a little bit, but then he said that it was a super happy and joyful feeling. That is when I realized that it was the Spirit testifying to him that what we were saying was true. He said that it went all the way from his head down to his toes. He started crying and then he said that he has not cried in over 40 years! He just could not stop crying and the Spirit was super amazing at this point! We sat there for about 5 minutes in silence. He was super shocked, and said that earlier he believed that what we were teaching him was true, but now he has absolutely no doubt in his mind that this is the true church. He gave us all hugs and he just thanked us for helping him find the truth. It was one of the best experiences that I have every had in my life! I love moments like this! He has been telling every single person that he meets that he is going to get baptized, even complete strangers, and so many people tried to talk him out of it, but he said that he knew without a doubt that it was what he needed to do. His brother flew down from Washington state, to baptize Terry. It was awesome to see him baptize his brother! He is super awesome! I love to see the way that the Gospel helps turn around the lives of people!

Sister Goff is another lady that got baptized yesterday, and she is super cool also! I have not had the chance to get to know her, but she is black and is like around 85! It was super cool to see her get baptized! I think that they are both super cool people to be around, and I love sharing the Gospel with them!

That is about all that I have to say about the area because we don't have a lot of other people to teach right now. We have a senior couple serving in our ward right now, and it is super cool because they give us super cool people to teach all the time. Last week, I went with them to a family and they seem super interested. We just have to get the rest of them in the lessons with us. There are 7 people in the family and I hope that they will want to be baptized!

I really want to go fishing in Lake Perris some day! Maybe one of these P-day's I'll actually get to go!

Until next week...

Love always,

Elder Braunstadter
This is Terry's (second to the left in white) baptism - his brother flew down from Washington to baptize him! Sister Goff also got baptized. It was a great day!

Terry and I! He's so awesome!!!

Terry with all of us! (Me, Terry, Elder Spencer, and Elder Moyers)

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