Friday, July 29, 2016

July 18, 2016

So this week was pretty slow. We were not able to meet with Lydia and Leo, because they are having some issues with their relationship. It is really sad to hear, but they are still really interested in meeting with us. So, no news on them, but we did met with Robert, and we finally went over a lesson with him! We talked about the plan of salvation, and he really liked it. He is a really great guy, and he says that we wants help, because he is going through a divorce right how, and he is really hurt by it. We have been setting appointments with him, but when we go over there he is always busy and he tells us to come back another time. We keep telling him that the message that we share will help him as he goes through this trial in life. After we told him that, I think that it changed him a little bit. I hope that when we go over then the next time, he will not forget and he will make time to talk to us.

We also talked with a guy named Gavin and he seems really solid. We gave him a Book of Mormon and we taught the restoration to him. He agreed with everything and he said that he will read and pray about it. We also met with his wife, Alyssa, and she is really cool also. I think that as we meet with them more often that they will find out that everything that we talk about is true.

On Saturday, we had a huge blitz for 3 wards and our ward was one of them. Each ward had to find people tat would be willing to come out with us missionaries, and we would all be on splits, which is just where the companions split up and go with another person from the ward. I went with our ward mission leader and as we were talking to people, I ran into somebody that lived in Hawthorne, NV!!! I was super weird, that said that my Grandma and Grandpa babysat them! It is such a small world. His wife is from Eureka, NV also. It was super cool to run into them, because nobody down here knows that there is anything outside of Las Vegas in Nevada!

That is about the most that is going on right now in my life here in So. Cal.

Love you,

Elder Braunstadter
This is the coolest family in our ward - the Calcagno family!!!

Me, Elder Manson, Elder Benson, Elder Jones and Sister Disanza!

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