Monday, June 13, 2016

This week has been interesting. We had a mini missionary named Allen from Carona. He was an interesting person. He was baptized last August, so he has not been a member for very long. He is going to start his mission papers in a couple of months. He criticized Elder Gulbranson and I A LOT! He is great at street contacting, but his teaching could use a little work. That is the reason that he is here, to learn and grow. He gives us a lot of tips, but he does not want to listen to us. He has a super strong testimony, and he is a really great kid. He is going to be an amazing missionary someday!

We have not taught that many people this week - again! Sal dropped us. He said that he enjoys us coming over but he needs some space. I hope that he will want to learn more again soon.

We don't have any other investigators, but we did find someone new. His name is Keith. He is 100% blind in one eye and about 95% blind in the other. He is pretty receptive of us, but I am not sure that he really wants to learn it for himself. We are going to meet with him more this week and see how everything goes. He is really the only person that we have that is somewhat solid.

We are trying to get more members involved, but it is pretty hard. It seems that nobody around here knows their neighbors! Kinda weird. We are going to walk and talk a lot more this week to try to find new people to teach.

On the way over to the library a couple of minutes ago, Elder Gulbranson wrecked his bike pretty bad. He messed up his name tag and tore his shirt and pants. I feel sorry for him. Poor guy!

My parents sent me a Nevada flag that I am going to have all of my companions and the other Elders that I become friends with sign. It will be a good memorandum.

I am getting kind of discouraged because the work here is really slow. There is literally nobody to teach. Everyone is stuck in their ways. I am not really sure what to do. Elder Gulbranson is really discouraged too. We sure do hope that the work picks up SOON!!!

Anyway, that is about all that has gone on this week, nothing exciting. It is actually kinda boring :(  We just ride around on our bikes and walk everywhere. We mostly work with less active members.

Well, I hope you all have a great week!

Elder Braunstadter

Elder Wilkes - our Zone Leader!

Elder Gulbranson - trying to make appointments!

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

This week has been pretty rough. It was 107 degrees one day, and then it got to 109 degrees the next day! I can't stand it!!! It is SOOOO miserable here. I never thought that I would say that 90 degrees feels good. We now have to walk for about 3 hours a day, or 15 hours a week because we need to find more people to teach. When it is this hot outside NOBODY is out to talk to us. The world basically stops and everyone heads inside where there is air conditioning.

We were not able to meet with Sal this week because he ran off or something. We have an appointment with him later today. We are going to try to put him back on date for baptism. I'm not sure how he is going to respond, but hopefully it will be good. Other than that, really we have not been teaching anyone, and nothing has changed.

We got a mini missionary yesterday, which is basically a full time missionary, but they only serve for like a week at a time. They are like full time team ups. His name is Allen, and he is from Corona. He seems really cool, He is the only member in his whole family and his parents even kicked him out of the house because he was baptized. He has not been a convert for even a year, and he is super enthusiastic about the work. I think that it will come as a shock to him once we get out in the area, because the work here really sucks. I just hope that nothing will discourage him from missionary work.

We went to the Temple today, which was really nice. It was the first time that I have been since I've been out, because the first time I had a chance to go I had just lost my wallet with my recommend in it! It was really cool. We got a ride from a member because it is out of our mission.

I hope that it will cool down soon, and I hope that the work picks up soon!

Us at dinner with the Prouts!

Corner stone of the Redlands Temple.

Redlands Temple.

Missionary day at the Temple!

What a great day at the Redlands Temple.

Our group that went to the Temple on June 7th, 2016!