Monday, May 23, 2016

This week was not that great as far as talking to and teaching people. We have had a hard time because this is Elder Gulbranson's first bike area. He is still getting used to it, but it does suck because we have a huge bike area that is supposed to have a car!

We talked to Lili and she had some questions on tithing and where everything is in the church. We are going to give her a tour of the church and show her where everything is. She is the most golden investigator that any missionary could have asked for. I am super glad that I had the opportunity to meet and to teach her, but best of all to baptize her!

We also visited Sal several times this week. He had surgery and they are trying to get all of his cancer out. He isn't doing any therapy I don't think, but he is a real trooper! He has had a lot of problems throughout his life and he is still really positive. I wish that I could be that positive, especially if I went through all that he did. He still really wants to go to church, so that is awesome! He has another surgery soon and he said that it is going to be even bigger than this last one. I sure do hope that all goes well.

We have not ben able to meet with Christina because she is never home! We have tried almost every day but we have not had any success. We are going to try to set a specific schedule with her so that we don't waste our time getting over to her house for nothing.

We have not been able to pick up many new people, so that has been a real struggle. I think that we need more people to teach because we run out of people to talk to so we just go street contacting. While doing that we talked to this guy named Paul-Anthony. He was SUPER drunk and it was pretty funny. He said that he is probably reincarnated Paul! He was a really funny guy, but we will try to stop by another time when he is sober.

As we were biking down a pretty busy road, I looked down and I saw something plastic on the ground. I was wondering what it was, so I stopped and picked it up. It was a Tom Tom GPS! My Garmin is way better, but now I have 2 GPS's! SCORE!!! This is about the most interesting thing that happened this week... so stay tuned in for next week's broadcast!!!

Love you lots,
Elder Braunstadter

Lili's family at her baptism.

The best investigator ever! I baptized her, Elder Murphy gave a talk, and Elder Gulbranson gave the closing prayer.

Lili and her boyfriend, Steve.

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