Monday, May 2, 2016

This week has been pretty good. We hit standard for the 2nd time since I have been out! The weather has been pretty hot here, but I am getting used to it. I can't wait to see snow again though!

We were not able to talk to Kaden this week. We found out that his father had been doing drugs, so he ran off. Kaden's mom filed for divorce, and right after he signed the papers, he killed himself. It is super sad to see what their family is going through. I am not sure how we can go about this one, because he is only 8, so it will be very hard.

Steve has not been doing anything, and it seems like he will get mad at us every time we go over there and invite him to church. He told us that he would not follow all of the teachings of our church even if he did join. I think that we are not really going to be working with him very much anymore.,

Lili was scheduled to be baptized this Saturday, but we have to have a 2nd interview with her, and so she will most likely be baptized on the 14th or 15th. So that kind of sucks that it got moved back, Other than that, basically everything is the same. We went on transfers, and I was with Elder Page for the day. He is a cool missionary from Utah. He is pretty forceful when he is teaching people, but he is also an effective person. It is super nice to be in a car for the day. I hope that we will get a car next transfer, because our area is supposed to have a car, but Elder Page has a bad back, so he has our car. I forgot my camera again this week, so I will try to get some pictures sent off next week.

Love you all so much,

Elder Braunstadter

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