Saturday, April 2, 2016

Hey! We have been having a lot of success this past week! It was the first time that we hit standard on everything! We have been doing really good in this area. We had transfers on Monday, and I am still with Elder Murphy. I will probably get a new companion in 6 weeks. They have transfers every 6 weeks, but occasionally we have them 7 weeks long. My last transfer was a 7 week long one, so I will come home one week later than I went out. It kinda sucks, but it doesn't really matter. I will probably come home on the 5th of February 2018 (Happy birthday Mom!)

We have been working with Lili for a while now. She is the one who just showed up at church, and I think that she will for sure be baptized. She is the most promising person right now, but I hope that we get some other people that will want to be baptized in the future. We have put Brother Lopez and Steve on pause because they are not doing anything to progress, and they need some time to do those things on their own. I hope that they will come around soon, but I don't know if they will.

I am really racking up the miles on my bike. It is pretty impressive, because the area is 4 miles long at the longest point, and we have put over 200 miles on the bikes. I have had some flat tires, but it is a pretty easy fix.

I am really excited for General Conference this week. We go to the Stake Center to watch it, and all of the missionaries in our zone go there. It will be really cool.

I weighed myself the other day, and I have put on 5 pounds since I left home. It is good that that is all, but I am going to try to loose some weight.

I hope that you all have fun in the snow! I really miss it! It has been getting down to the 60's and I get cold! I am turning into a Californian!!! (Yikes) I am so sad.  Just kidding, it is fine but it is very weird because I love the cold and snow so much.

Anyways, have a wonderful week! I love you all so much!!!


Elder Braunstadter

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