Monday, March 21, 2016


Hey! I have had a pretty good week! This week was our highest numbers so far, so that is good. We went on exchanges this week. That is where we switch companions with other missionaries. My companion for the day was Elder Wilkes. He is one of our zone leaders, and he is really cool. I was so much happier when I was with him. He is a great missionary.

We are going to put Steve on pause, because he told us that even if he did join the church, that he wouldn't follow all of the rules. He is a great guy, but he is not ready yet. We also put Brother Lopez on pause, because he isn't doing anything to move towards the church either. So besides those two things, It was pretty good. We put Lili on date, but she is now off, because she did not come to church. She will get baptized though. She really wants to, and she is ready, but she needs to get all of the lessons, and attend church. Every time we go over there, she feels the Spirit, and she cries quite a bit. She is ready. Another person also moved into the ward, and his wife is a member, and he is just about ready to be baptized. We still have to teach him the lessons, but he has the desire to do it. I think he will do it soon. I have put almost 200 miles on my bike so far! So that's pretty neat! I hope that the work will pick up, and we can see more progress.

I've been reading the Book of Mormon every day and so far I'm in 3rd Nephi. I really like it, and it helps me get ready for the day.

I love you all so much!
Elder Braunstadter
Purple Flowers

Red Roses

Me and Elder Murphy up on a hill.

Dinner from at the Calcagnos (tri-tip, chicken, bratwurst, salad, rice, cupcakes, and ice cream!!!)

Monday, March 14, 2016


Hey! I've had an alright week. It has been very interesting. We had a meeting for trainers and trainees in Riverside, so we had to find a ride up there. We took a road that reminded me a lot of the road over Harrison Pass going to the Marshes, but it was all paved. The speed limit was 35 and Brother Speiglemire was going 60! It was a fun ride!!! Ha ha. Then after the meeting, he showed us all of the places that he used to live. He is a really cool guy. We teamed up with him and he helped us talk to Steve. He bore his testimony, and I think that it really helped him with feeling the Spirit. The next day, we had a video training class, and it was about how to effectively use the new Easter video that we got. There are a couple of Easter videos on youtube that you should check out! #hallelujah, #becausehelives, and #asaviorisborn. They are AWESOME videos!!!

We had to help several people move this week. One of those people was a hoarder. She mooches off of people, and takes over their house, then she gets kicked out of the house. She has been doing it for quite a while. We took about 10 truckloads out of the house and moved it all to some storage units. She has at least 3 units PACKED! We were supposed to help her for 2 hours, but it ended up being about 5 hours. It was a long day. Then the next day our new investigator needed some help moving, so we did 2 days in a row. She was very organized and it was really easy to mover her stuff. She fed us dinner both nights, and her boyfriend is a member, so he helps us teach her. We haven't done any contacting, because our schedules keep changing, We have had to give our home-share a blessing, because she is on an experimental drug and it takes a toll on her. We also had to give other sister missionaries blessings due to sickness.

It is raining here today, and there is a good chance that we will get some hail, and possibly some ice tonight! It is nice, because it has been getting to the 90's almost every day!!!

Brother Lopez is getting closer to baptism - I think! He say that if he does, he wants his son to do it, which I think would be really cool! Steve is trying to read the Book of Mormon a little bit, but the small print hurts his eyes. I think that he will be baptized in the near future.

The members are feeding us VERY well here. I think that I have gone just 2 days without having a family feed us since I've been in California. And, even then, Sister Disanza buys us all kinds of food because she feels like she needs to feed us a lot. We have a stand up freezer, and 2 refrigerator/freezers to ourselves. It is pretty impressive!

I don't have my camera again!, so I can't send any pictures yet. I'll try to send some next week.

We are going on splits tomorrow, so I'll have a new companion for the day! I am so excited!!!

Love ya,
Elder Braunstadter

Dibe - one of the missionaries that used to serve in Sun City sent this picture to my mom! Then one of the members that fed us sent another one. She was really pleasantly surprised!
Me and my companion, Elder Murphy

Here we are eating at one of the members homes - they feed us so much!


Hey, so this week has been pretty hectic. We have had a lot of our appointments fall through, and it has been kinda rough. We have been talking to Brother Lopez for quite a while, and he isn't trying very hard to read The Book of Mormon, and he isn't praying or attending church, so we are going to have to drop him again soon. Steve is reading The Book of Mormon, and he wants to go to church, but he hasn't made the effort to try to go. We still have to teach him the rest of the discussions, so hopefully he will go to church soon. We have been talking to Kaden who is 8, and he finally set a date to be baptized. He wants his grandpa to do it! I hope that he sticks with it and that he will be baptized!

I got pretty sick last night, but I think that it was something that I ate, so hopefully it won't last very long.

I got my pant leg stuck in the chain on my bike and it ripped a little bit. Now I'm going to have to take it to get fixed!

Other than that, we have had a pretty slow week, but we did find some new investigators. We got caught in a big rainstorm a few days ago, and I got absolutely soaked. It was very interesting!!!

Love you guys a lot!
Elder Braunstadter

Check out this really cool car!

HUH!!! Who put the palm in the middle of the driveway???

We have big and little birds in California!!!

Pretty desert cactus - this one's for you mom!

California sunset!

View of Sun City

Another view of Sun City

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Missionary work is really slow here, but we have a couple of people that seem pretty interested. Sun City reminds me a lot of Arizona, because there are a lot of 55+ communities. That is most of what we deal with here. We are teaching a really cool guy, Steve. He has a 1934 International pickup with a Corvette engine in it. He also has an El Camino that has a chevy 354 small block that is all tuned up. He has been looking for a church for a while, but he isn't sure where to go. We have been teaching him for about 2 weeks now. I really hope that he will join the church. 

Also another man, Brother Lopez, is looking for God in his life also. He has a less active wife, and a son that went on a mission. He is really nice, but he has Alzheimer's, and gets all of the religions mixed up. He is a nice man though. We had to put him on pause 2 days ago, because we have been teaching him for over a month, and he still isn't ready. 

We picked up a new investigator on Sunday! She just showed up at church, and I don't know anything about her. We will talk to her this week to find out more about her. 

I have been trying to limit myself on the food here, because I will gain a lot of weight if I don't watch it. I have been trying to exercise everyday, but sometimes it is hard. We had cross fit today.  It was pretty intense. It made my shoulders hurt really bad. We played basketball after that for a couple of hours. My legs are sore from riding my bike up and down all of the steep hills here. It is probably good, because I can burn off all of the food that I eat.

Mondays are my favorite days, but they are different than I imagined, because we still have to teach in the evening. 

I am really grateful for all of the blessings that have come from me being out here. It makes me happy that I might make a difference in somebody's life. Well I hope you all have a good week! I'll talk to ya next week!